Wet Weather and Pests

Wet Weather and Pests. Household pesticides can be purchased from supermarkets or hardware stores, and are designed for householders to use around their home or garden.

Although you can easily obtain household pesticides, this does not mean that they are harmless. They are toxic and if used carelessly, they may affect the health of the user, their family, pets or the environment.

When the weather gets intense for them, they start venturing indoors to seek shelter. Other than the protection our home provides, it can also give them the resources that they need such as food, water, and nice warmth to continue thriving.

Simple measures can be used to limit the number of spiders entering the house. Fly screens can be fitted to windows, and weather strips or draft blockers will block their entry under doors. Trees and bushes planted away from the house will discourage spiders from making burrows close to, and wandering into, the house.

The best time to apply snail and slug baits is when they are active and feeding, you can encourage them by sprinkling the area with water first, then applying the bait in the late afternoon or evening. Keep in mind that snails and slugs aren’t active during the hottest and driest or coldest periods.

All insects, including ants, have the same basic needs as us: ants want shelter and food. When it rains, ants that live on the ground surface or underground are at risk of drowning. Therefore, the workers pick up eggs and other immature ants and seek out shelter in a dry place. Sometimes, that just happens to be your home.

Wet Weather and Pests

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