Frequently Asked Questions – for Pest Control

Listed below are answers to a few common FAQ (frequently asked questions) we receive from clients.

Question: How often should i get a pest control treatment?

Answer: We recommend a pest treatment every 12 months.

Question: Is anything need to be done before you arrive?

Answer: No you need to do anything, we’ll handle everything.

Question: How much does a pest treatment cost?

Answer: Prices start from just $150 for a end of lease treatment.

Question: Can i remain in the house while you are treating?

Answer: It depends on the pest treatment we are applying.

Question: When would I need a pest inspection?

Answer: When you are buying a property a inspection is a must.

Question: Is the pest treatment safe for my pets?

Answer: Yes, we only use pest and child safe insecticides. There are no nasty fumes or any thing spray or smell that goes into the air in the home. All pets will need to be placed outside during the treatment.

Question: What areas of a domestic property do you treat for pests?

Answer: We treat all internal and external property areas of your home that have been targeted as a pest problem area. This will include quadrants inside and outside your property buildings, some area are letterboxes, garden areas, windows sliders, pathways, rock areas, gutter down pipe systems, sheds, roof internal voids, wooden fences, storage cupboards, and many more.

We can limit area of treatment of application to the critical areas, such as vegetable, flower and fruit gardens, fish tanks and ponds, and bird baths.

Our professional pest control services are tailor made for your specific needs so, please let us know our technicians will comply with all your directions.

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