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Maintaining Work Place Health & Safety

Gold Coast Pest Controlling. The health and safety of Pest Control Service Gold Coast employees is a key part of our successful business. In many business industries work activities pose a risk of employees developing injuries, pains and discomfort, also known as musculoskeletal disorders.

Many people can experience injuiies for non-work related reasons example – a health condition, or activities outside at home, Pest Control Services Gold Coast have a duty of care to ensure that the risk of developing an MSD through work activities is kept as low as possible. Some risk factors causing MSDs can be found in almost all workplaces. The risk factors for work-related MSDs are well known; MSDs are associated with work that involves:

  • Fixed or awkward postures for all body parts
  • Repetitive movements of body parts
  • Force applied by the body, or to the body
  • Long exposure to the activity, with few breaks / demanding activity / little rest for the body
  • Manual handling at work
  • Vibrating hand tools due long periods of work
  • Social factors such as workplace stress

Usually, it is a combination of these workplace risk factors that gives rise to the development of MSD. It may be necessary to assess a number of risk factors at the workplace to help reduce the risk of these types of injuries.

Pest Control Ergonomics – the application of knowledge to ensure that designs the strengths and abilities of people to help prevent excessive demands placed on them. It’s best expecting people to adapt to a design that forces them to work in an uncomfortable or stressful way, applying correct work systems can help to understand how a workplace can be designed reduce the risk of these injuries.

Getting Pest Control workers work positions right will involve having a good training and good knowledge of the tasks that are done in your workplace.

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