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Keeping Health & Safety in the Business Workplace

Gold Coast Pest Controlling. The health and safety of Pest Control Service Gold Coast employees is a important part of our business model. In the pest control work environment offers a risk of staff incurring injuries and illnesses.

Some people may develop injuries for not at work related. Pest Control Services Gold Coast have a duty of care to minimise the risk of developing a injury through work or home related actions. Some risk factors causing injuries can include :

  • Static or unusual seated or standing positions for all body parts
  • Same movements of body parts over and over
  • Any unusual external loads applied to the body
  • Handling loads at work ongoing
  • Tools that have fast movements of force to the hands and body

A varied combination of these work injury risk factors sometimes gives rise to the development of injuries. It best to assess all of risk factors at the workplace to help reduce the occurrence of these types of work injuries.

Pest Control Body Positions : Ensure that your business designs the procedures to help your staff prevent excessive body movements. It’s best for staff to learn what is best for them when it comes to repetitive movements and to adapt to the forces placed on them in the work environment. A workplace should be designed reduce the risk of these avoidable injuries.

Pest Control workers work positions is very important to get right, it should involve having good training procedures, and a sound knowledge of the tasks that are done in your particular workplace.

Earning a living can be hard on the body, so take care of it when doing the same work over and over. Using a weight trainers waist belt is a great idea for lifting or leaning over a lot at work.

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